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by Dweller BeeHive

We provide training on behavioural intervention tools grounded on the 4S Model (Survey-Stimulate-Strengthen-Sustain) and our previous training has brought significant impacts to the environment and society.

Why Dweller BeeHive?

Dweller BeeHive offers tailor-made training that matches your organization needs, by providing a step-by-step guide on the similar context or issues that your organization intended to solve

Dweller BeeHive centralize on the systematic process in fostering behavioural changes, by focusing on the Survey, Stimulate, Strengthen and Sustain stages (known as 4S) for long-term and impactful changes

Dweller BeeHive’s training program encourages active engagement and participation, the participant is facilitated for problem-based solving solutions

We Provide Training on the Following:

Program Strategy and Design: Basic development of program objective and strategy of effective behavioural change; Advance step-by-step guide in designing an effective program for behavioural changes

Behavioural Intervention Tools: Introduction of selective behavioural tools such as nudge, social marketing and gamification and how it can be integrated for effective behavioural change

Program Assessment and Monitoring: Introduction and designation of assessment tools to understand the existing practices and development of tools to monitor the program effectiveness

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