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by Dweller BeeHive

We provide in-depth research on behavioural study in the fields, including but not limited to, environment, health, social and youth development.

Why Dweller BeeHive?

Dweller BeeHive's research offers insightful and evidence-based findings

Dweller BeeHive conducts research grounded on established theory and systematic research procedures:

  • Background Study – Understand the basic background of research topic

  • Data Collection – Adopt the method that is suitable, effective and efficient to the area of research, e.g. field survey, field inspection, field observation, interview, focus group discussion)

  • Data Analysis – Analyse the data using promising analysis method or software, e.g. SPSS, SmartPLS, NVivo

  • Report Findings – Transform the analysis results into useful, simple and easy understand reports to the clients

We Provide Research on the Following:

Behavioural Program: Study and propose a behavioural program that has positive impact on the society


Society Behavioural Pattern: Study the existing behavioural pattern to better understand the behavioural background of a targeted group


Barriers for Behavioural Engagement: Study the barriers for positive behavioural engagement and propose potential way to remove the barriers


Solutions for Behavioural Engagement: Study and propose the solution to enhance positive behavioural engagement among society

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