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Policy Advice


by Dweller BeeHive

We provide bespoke policy advice related to environment, health, social and youth development behavioural matters to policy maker and government department.

Why Dweller BeeHive?

Dweller BeeHive is a hub grounded on a comprehensive network throughout universities in Malaysia and able to form special task team on the policy subject matters


Dweller BeeHive provides evidence-based policy advice based on the relevant development trends and their implications to society

We Provide Policy Advice and Service on the Following:

Expert Gathering and Formation:  The Dweller BeeHive helps to identify, verify and form special expert task force for the relevant policy matters


Focus Group Organising: Organise focus group discussion and summarise the findings as to the input for policy decisions


Establishment of Policy Related Documents:  Preparation of guidance document and blueprint on environment, health, social and youth behavioural related topics and serve as references for policy matters.  


Policy Review: Examine and review the effectiveness of the existing policy and suggestion for refinement and improvement

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