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Our Story

by Managing Director/Founder of Dweller

“Academician tend to be ambitious to solve the “world” issue but having difficulty to transform the knowledge to a useful tool in solving “local” problem. There is a gap between academic tool and industry practice. Ever since we realised that we started to improve, simplify and formulate the existing academic tools, and convert them to tools and inputs that can guide the industry to excel and perform better.


Setting up a firm is never happened to be stated in the bucket list of us before, until we realized that the firm itself can act as a bridge and platform to gather both academician and industrial experts to transform the tool and share it with anyone that would like to make little contribution to this world.


Definitely, our little power could neither change the whole world nor solve the world issue, but we humbly think that little is always better than none, and little changes could make a big difference. We grabbed every opportunity given to us in the past and started to involve actively in relevant projects, be it government and non-government projects, hoping that we could contribute our humble knowledge to the community in making the world a little better.


Man is dweller on this wonderful land, regardless of the role as academician or industry player, we are all the same, dream for the better living environment.  So, we set up and named our company as Dweller, implying that we are ‘you’, we are the same, and together we can make this world little better.


Although this would be a path of thorns and challenges to share our concept to everyone, but we believe that a little move from us could bridge the gap little more.”





Founder of Dweller Behavioral Insight Consulting Company 

Registered Valuer, Registered Estate Agent and Registered Property Manager

Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM)

Certified Green Building Index (GBI) Facilitator




















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