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by Dweller BeeHive

We provide consultation on solving the social and behavioural issue and implementing social and behavioural programs in the fields, including but not limited to, environment, health, community development, youth development.

Why Dweller BeeHive?

Dweller BeeHive works on the principle of “listening to the voices, comprehending the thoughts, and understanding the needs” of clients when providing consultation


Dweller BeeHive provides consultation on the implementation of programs based on a systematic approach of 4S Model (Survey-Stimulate-Strengthen-Sustain)


Dweller BeeHive provides tailor-made solution to clients by considering the aim, the background issue and the limitation of the clients

We Provide Consultation on the Following:

Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP): Design and provide detailed behaviour intervention plan for the change of the targeted behaviour


Program Implementation: Advise the proper and efficient way of implementing behaviour intervention program for optimal outcome


Behavioural Solution: Provide solution to mitigate negative behavioural practice among the community


Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Program: Advise and facilitate the implementation of CSR program


Matchmaking and Facilitating CSR Program between Corporate and NGO: Bridging and facilitating corporate and NGO for common goal and long-term impact

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